About Us

The Story of Two Fed-Up Friends

What began as a simple docking solution, turned into a multi-use jack stabilizer.

From Classmates to Camping Companions

Our inventors, Mark and Paul, originate from Colorado and met while in high school. They?ve remained friends for over 35 years and even mirrored each other in occupation as landscape company owners during college. As passionate outdoorsmen, both towed regularly for both work and pleasure and understood the struggles of stabilizing a trailer tongue jack.

Space Saver – Frame Mounted Trailer Block

Are you sick of climbing into your truck bed to retrieve splintery wooden blocks and boards? Are you tired of taking up valuable space in your RV, trailer or boat with clunky stabilizing alternatives? Have you had enough with storing a wet, heavy block inside your vehicle? Are you fed up with late night, dimly-lit hunts for rocks to use as ?wheel chocks?? Mark and Paul certainly were. As a solution, Mark developed a custom wooden block to secure his jack wheel and then, stowed it on the outside of his trailer with a bungee cord. After receiving admiration from other RVers, the duo knew they were onto something great. Since then, Mark and Paul have upgraded their design to address other trailer tongue jack problems. And so, the Dock N Stow was created.

Our Newest Addition: TUFF BLOCK

After receiving feedback from trailer users, we’ve brought a larger trailer block to market that has adjustable trailer stops.  This adjustability can accommodate nearly every jack foot.  TUFF BLOCKs also can stack on TUFF BLOCK XL Leveler pads.  Works great for Travel Trailers, RVs, campers, 5th wheels, pop up, cargo, utility, horse, boat trailers and more!


TUFF BLOCK XL Leveling Pads

Need some additional height?  No problem, add a few TUFF BLOCK XL stackable pads.  Tuff Blocks can stack, or nest with Tuff Block Pads. TUFF BLOCKS measure 6 inches in height and each pad under the block adds 1 inch.  Each pad measures 12″W x 8.5″L x 1″H.  The larger footprint of TUFF BLOCK stack pads reduces the chances of sinking into soft soil and increases stability.

Save Time, Energy and Storage

Whether you?re a full-time, cross-country RV road warrior, or you just enjoy removing your boat from the garage for a weekend getaway, you know the value of a good trailer tongue block and chocks. Whatever trailer type you have, Dock N Stow?s line of products creates a faster, easier, safer and more efficient trailering experience.

Learn More about Dock N Stow

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