Features & Benefits

Multiple Reasons to Use the Ultimate Trailer Jack Stand

Innovative design addresses several storing and stabilizing needs.

Discover all the Benefits of Dock N Stow’s Features


Dock N Stow installs and stows in seconds onto a 2-inch, 2.5-inch or 3-inch trailer frame, right where you need it.


Dock N Stow can be used with almost any trailer tongue jack, wheel, post, round or square plate. With available Dock N Stow accessories, you can add wheel chocks.


Dock N Stow is extremely durable, engineered for the outdoors. Dock N Stow is resistant to UV exposure, water, heat, mud and most other environmental hazards.


Dock N Stow provides two simple and versatile designs, non-magnetic and magnetic. Gen 2 incorporates the use of a simple on/off magnet to make your life easier.


Dock N Stow will keep you from having to climb up into your tow vehicle, camper, boat, or trailer in search of a stabilizing block.


Don?t risk damaging your trailer jack. Let Dock N Stow take the beating and prevent your jack foot, wheel or post from being damaged by the ground or improper make-shift stabilizers.


Dock N Stow saves you time and gives you storage back for other important items you need to carry.


Dock N Stow increases the footprint of your trailer jack post. As a result, it will reduce the chances of your jack sinking into the soft ground.


Dock N Stow provides more height to get on and off your hitch and saves time by removing the need to lower your jack to the ground.

Avoidable Aches and Pains

Imagine this: you’re just about to unhitch and unwind after a long days drive. Sadly, relaxation mode will have to wait because you forgot to bring a jack stand for your trailer tongue. Now, you have to spend time searching for a hunk of wood or a rock around the campground. Maybe you did bring a cinder block, but that means risking hand burns or back pain when dealing with a heavy cement slab. Damaging your truck bed or other storage spots is another possibility with DIY jack stands and stabilizers. Dock N Stow will eliminate this struggle while saving you time for other activities on your trip.

Hassle-Free Technology

With point-of-use storage, you never have to think about where to find or where to pack your tongue jack stand again. Dock N Stow is kept where you need it, no matter if you’re on the road, at your destination or at home. Since it’s stowed outside of any vehicle, dirt and mud won’t enter your storage compartments or mingle with the rest of your packed items. Keep your things organized and clean with Dock N Stow.

Learn More About Dock N Stow

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