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Below are the most common questions asked about Dock N Stow.
What's wrong with other stabilizing docks, stands, and blocks?

Unlike Dock N Stow, other on-the-market and DIY stabilizers take up precious storage space when not in use. DIY stabilizers such as wooden slabs, cement blocks or rocks can cause damage to your jack. They’re also bulky and heavy, causing difficulties when handling and storing. Wood blocks are degradable and water-sensitive, which can create mold and mildew. Additionally, they house bugs and spiders and are prone to splitting and rotting. With purchasable stands, many are short and require more jack cranks to reach it. Some also have narrow footprints which cause sinkage into soft soil and overall, bad stability. You need two or three of the above stabilizers to do the job of one Dock N Stow block.

Can I use Dock N Stow for my trailer?

Dock N Stow offers stability for a wide variety of cargo, heavy-duty, utility, vehicle and towable trailers. These include cargo trailers, car carriers, flatbeds, tilt decks, utility dump trailers, landscape trailers, ATVs, boat trailers, car haulers, jet ski trailers, motorcycle trailers, snowmobiles, horse trailers, travel trailers and toy haulers. Dock N Stow will withstand the tongue weight, which is about 20% of the trailers gross weight. This can be up to 5000 pounds for jacks with feet or posts and 2500 pounds for jack wheels.

Gen 1 or Gen 2: How should I decide?
Both Dock N Stow products work the exact same way when stabilizing a trailer, therefore you must look at how it can stow on your trailer frame. Gen 1 works for square and rectangle tube frames, but not for trailers with I-beam or C-channel construction. Gen 2 must be used for frames with ferrous metals containing iron, mild steel or carbon steel but not aluminum. Gen 2 fits square tube, rectangle tube, beam and channel frames.
Can a Gen 2 be used on any steel frame?

Always test the connection before attempting to use the magnet to ensure that it’s capable of holding the material securely. Numerous factors can negatively affect the strength of the magnetic bond such as dirt, debris, rust, oils or grease. Any gap between the magnet and the metal surface will decrease the bond so ensure that the connection point is clean and free of these factors. Thicker metals will be held more strongly than thinner metals. For example, 1/4″ (6mm) steel will be held more strongly than thin gauge metals. Never exceed the rated capacity of the magnet, which is 80lbs of break-away force under ideal conditions. The actual in-use results will vary greatly, so users must test every bond to determine the suitability of the material meant to hold the magnet. Avoid sudden jerking or shock force as this will cause the magnet to lose its hold.

Is there anything I need to know about using the magnets?

All magnets need to be kept at a safe distance from all magnetic storage devices, electronics and credit cards. Ensure that the magnet is stored in the “off” position when not in contact with ferromagnetic metals. The magnet can be left “on” or “off” indefinitely without harm. When “on” and near ferromagnetic metals, there will be a sudden and powerful attraction. DO NOT attempt to disassemble or alter the Dock N Stow magnet; there are no user serviceable parts inside the device. All Dock N Stow products are designed for normal conditions so do not use underwater or in a hazardous environment. Do not use the magnet if it is damaged or is not working properly. Severe injury can occur if this device is not used properly and safely. DO NOT expose the Dock N Stow magnets to temperatures above 180 deg Fahrenheit (80 Celsius). High temperatures will permanently degrade the magnets effectiveness and may result in an unsafe condition. This product contains PTFE lubricant. For MSDS information, contact Dock N Stow. Always keep the bottom of your Dock N Stow clean and free of debris and rust.

How much space does the Dock N Stow save?
Since Dock N Stow is 7 x 7 x 6.25 inches, you will have available space roughly the size of a small to medium speaker. Dock N Stow bundles are 20 x 7 x 6.25 inches and save room for items about the size of a toolbox.
Can Dock N Stow be used to stabilize other jack types?

Although Dock N Stow was originally designed for tongue jacks, it can be used for other jack types, as long it does not outweigh the 5000 pound capacity for jack feet or posts, and the 2500 pound capacity for jack wheels.

Has Dock N Stow gone through any testing?

Yes, Dock N Stow blocks went through vertical compression testing, achieving the 5000lb rating for top surface and 2500lb rating for wheel dock. Additionally, the Gen 2 magnetic block was tested with load cells, achieving 85 lbs of pull force on inch smooth surface steel tube.

Where are Dock N Stow products made?
The block is proudly made and assembled in Denver, Colorado.
Can I purchase Dock N Stow items separately?
Yes, please contact us directly through the website to inquire.
Where are Dock N Stow Products sold?

Currently, our products are sold exclusively online and select retailers.

What is the shipping policy?

We offer free shipping within the US for all Dock N Stow products. (HI, AK and US territories are excluded.) In most cases, orders ship in one business day. After it’s shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email.

What is the warranty policy?
Dock N Stow products are covered by a one-year limited warranty on material and workmanship. The warranty is non-transferable. Dock N Stow reserves the right to inspect all product claims under warranty. Any alteration of the device voids this warranty. The user assumes all risks for the proper use of this device and for ensuring product suitability for the intended application. This warranty shall not cover any incidental or consequential damages due to the improper use or failure of this device.
What is the return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Dock N Stow purchase, return it to us for a full refund within 30-days of purchase. Proof of purchase is required and all items, including accessories and blocks, must be in like-new conditions and show no signs of damage or wear.

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