Gen 2 Magnetic Bundles


Get the most out of Gen 2 with a Dock N Stow Bundle. This set offers all of Gen 2's magnetic capabilities, with extra safety components. Integrated dual tire chocks provide additional stability and storage room for other items you need to pack. A combo lock is also included to ensure your Dock N Stow stays with your trailer when left alone.

  • Non-Slip: Wheel chocks integrate conveniently into the Dock N Stow and recessed neodymium magnets underneath prevent it from sliding on frame
  • Rope Holes: Strategically placed rope holes go all the way through chocks (rope not included)
  • Custom combination: Use your own combination for the security lock.
  • Included: One Dock N Stow Gen 2 block, four spacers, one magnet with a fast 180-degree knob to turn ?on? and ?off?, two tire chocks and one combo lock
  • Dimensions: 20 in. x 7 in. x 6.25 in., Gen 2 block weighs 5.19 lbs, four spacers are 0.196 lbs., combo lock is 0.201 lbs, two wheel chocks are 1.063 lbs, out of the box

  • Innovative: Dock N Stows design provides simplicity and versatility so you have one less thing to think about on your tow trip.
  • Powerful: With a 180-degree turn of the knob, the Gen 2 uses neodymium magnets that can be turned ?on? to secure to the trailer frame and switched ?off? to remove when needed.
  • Safety: Combo lock allows for precautions against thieves ready to take what’s not theirs.
  • Multi-use: The Gen 2 Bundle is an essential trailer package of a stabilizing block and 2 wheel chocks.
  • Stability: Stop your vehicle from sneaking away from camp with two provided chocks.
  • Stowable: Installs and stows directly onto 2-inch, 2.5-inch or 3-inch trailer frames, right where you need it.
  • Durable: All products in the Dock N Stow Gen 2 Bundle are engineered for the outdoors. The set is resistant to UV exposure, water, heat, mud and most other environmental hazards.
  • Protection: Let Dock N Stow take the beating; prevent your jack foot, wheel or post from being damaged by the ground.
  • Value: Dock N Stow Gen 2 Bundle saves space and gives you storage for other important items you need to carry.
  • Height: With more height to get on and off your hitch, save time by removing the need to lower your jack to the ground.?

Shipping: We offer FREE shipping within the US (excludes HI, AK and US territories). Warranty: Dock N Stow products are covered by a one-year warranty. Please visit our FAQ page for full warranty details. Ordering separate parts: If a new piece needs to be replaced (not covered by the warranty) or you need an additional item, please submit an inquiry on our Contact Us page.

3 reviews for Gen 2 Magnetic Bundles

  1. Scott Lucas

    A very well made, high quality product that works great! Awesome right out of the box. I have a 19′ Jayco TT around 3000 lbs. and it holds it like a champ. I also highly recommend this as a def piece to have, and it’s made in Colorado by a couple great guys!

  2. Andy Barratt

    I just received my Gen 2 bundle as a birthday gift and was able to use it right away. We have a 28′ bunkhouse and have always dedicated one side of our under storage for wood blocks and wheel chocks. The Dock N Stow is super convenient being located right on the tongue when unhooking the trailer, everything you need is right there. I was able to throw away my bulky 2×10 blocks of wood and get rid of my old chocks and freed up a bunch of additional space in our under storage. Very well built and easy to set up, I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a trailer.

  3. Sam Segura (verified owner)

    Just like everyone else I know, I have used bricks, wood or whatever else I had handy as blocks for my trailer, and anyone who camps and pulls a trailer knows the importance of space. After purchasing the Gen 2 bundle package, my blocks and chocks were right there where I needed them, and it made set up so much easier. I have 3 daughters plus my wife, so I’m pretty much on my own when it comes to set up, so anything that makes my life easier I’m all for. The magnet that comes on the Gen 2 is strong and held throughout the trip. I would highly recommend this as a must have.

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